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July 02 2015


Reasons Why Phablet is the New Must-Have

When phablet was first introduced in the market, some people say that using this type of device will only make you look stupid. With its big size, calling or talking with someone will make you look like an idiot. Actually, since its debut in the market people are starting to recognize its difference and benefits causing the rapid popularity of phone tablet over the world. A phone that is combined with a phone and a tablet that make it unique and perfect for many gadget lovers, many experts have found that the increasing popularity of the phablet will sell at least 318 million of units this year. As the constant change and evolution of our technology, it is no longer surprising that people comes up with something that will not only make life easier but our communication be at the top of the priority.

                  Here are some the reason as to why phablet has become popular unlike the many inventions that many manufacturers have produced;

•    Has both the feature of the phone and a tablet – as phones continuous to change and innovate, people also change the way they communicate. People are now using Smartphones to send an e-mail and instant messages, even to update their social status in a social network. With the new innovation, the task that are usually done in the computer are now made it possible and even better with a phablet, as people uses their phone less for calling  the computer feature of the phablet is great for the task that they want to do to their phablet.

•    A bigger screen size – phablet is bigger than your regular Smartphone but is smaller than a tablet which make in the middle of the chain. Bigger screen size is better for those that love to play games in their mobile and watching a movie that they like, either way the bigger your screen is the best it is for your entertainment.

•    Long battery life – phablet is known for its accessibility and convenience to use assuring the consumers that opting for the phablet is a lot more beneficial than choosing the standard Smartphone. While opting for a phablet is a good decision, the next main important characteristic that a consumer that needs to consider is the battery life of the device. As batteries are the life of the device, manufacturers have found a better way to improve the battery life of the phablet.

Most people are agreeing that the use of phablet is far different from the other devices, being able to pocket computing anytime and having the bigger screen and longer battery that makes its use more enjoyable and entertaining. Phablet is the best choice there is.

May 29 2015

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Positive Effects of Tablets in the Youth's Learning


                When the schooling season kicked off, peripherals like textbooks, notepads, and pencils/pen are the common view we see amongst the students.  That was the scenario decades ago.  Digital age has altered the way of learning among the youth today.  Tablets are now the trend in the advanced education for children.  It's simply because you can possibly get all the information via the internet and can store as much you want in these tablets.  No need to read a bunch of books, a tablet is all you need.

                Parents might feel a sense of worry because tablets can also be a form of distraction and as they kept on using this device, they tend to depend on it as well.  But, the mere fact that it also helps the students be more interested in a certain topic, it thus helps in one's in-depth learning.  If you aren't yet convinced, let me elaborate on the effects of tablets like an android tablet in education.

Communication Wise

                Teachers usually teach through verbal communication, books, and visual materials.  Those are typically enough for normal students but for someone with a disability, it can be even more complicated.  Tablets offer the interactive aspect that lets students with disability engage in learning.  Touch-based devices that have games, video presentation and story-telling are wonderful tools that help kids who have incapability. 

No more textbooks, notebooks and pencils.

                Everyday learning from the different subjects in school needs to be written down on a notebook to better prepare them during examinations.  Most often these notebooks are not fully used because some subjects have also modules and different learning materials that teachers provide.  Tablets let us do the writing in a digital form that doesn't require notebooks and pencils.  Textbooks are also not needed anymore because such ebooks are found on the tablet already.  Students can highlight a text, access a dictionary and take notes as well with ebooks.  With over a thousand books to be stored on the tablet, there is a lot of room for the information to be accessed by students.  The government will also save a lot because they won't be reprinting textbooks all over again and students don't have to bring in the heavy books every day when they can have it in one gadget.

Tablets have new tools to come to better facilitate learning.

                Versatility is the advantage of tablets among other gadgets in the market.  Constant changes are about to come that we might not think of as of today.  The current tools like Edmodo serve like a social network to help students get answers from their inquiries and share ideas.  Youtube for Schools also has its own videos that help bring lessons to life and learn from different teachers.  You would be glad to know that the access for all of the educational videos is free.  Yes, you heard it right.  Be secured that your child won't be distracted because it does not contain comments and no related videos are seen while a video is playing.  You can guarantee that the information comes from the top educators.

                While more countries are not yet into using tablets as a learning device, in a span of time, they will be venturing into it as well.  Years from now, kids will be more prepared in having the chalkboard as their screens in tablets. 


April 23 2015


How to Stay Popular in the Mini PC World

The evolution of technology is fast changing, from the bulky computers used by our ancestors to the mini PC of today. Many of the modern technology of today has a very improved and fast memory processor that ancient computer surely does not have. The use of a tablet, laptop, mobile phone and computer had increased to a higher level as people of today, depended their lives to internet. One of the newly introduced gadgets is the Intel Mini PC, small version of regular sized computer used in offices and companies; it is designed for a basic task of internet surfing, web-based application access, processing documents and for movies and music playbacks. Mini PCs are more affordable and smaller in size, it consumes minimal power and needed lesser cooling system than a regular PC, it needed only small space in setting up this kind of computer and requires very little parts of built-in screen, battery and keyboards. With this positive output, you will surely want to have one of this, but there are other things you need to know before acquiring such gadget;

·         Check the application performance

There is a system where you can measure the PC's core performance. It helps you measure the areas of computation, image and video manipulations, web and gaming browsing and storage of the PC. The result can give you understanding on how fast or slow the gadget you wanted to buy.

·         Gaming

Mini PC is not advisable for game lovers, although some adjusting in screen resolution can give a playable result.

·         Power Consumption

Checking of power consumption can identify how much power a certain PC is using or needed for it to work. Although mini PC are known for its power saving and smaller power consumption not all mini PC has its capabilities.

·         Subjective Assessment

Do not just consider the speed of the computer but its components quality, noise outputs and build quality as well.  Having an over speeding computer does not mean that it has qualities of a better computer.   

·         Warranty and Support

Checking of warranty and support is best to be done before buying a computer. Longer warranties are better, but also consider reading and understanding the terms and conditions attached to the product most importantly the terms were faulty items can be returned without your cost and if labour and parts are included in the warranty.

With this finding and acquiring the best PC is possible and made it choosing easier and faster.

March 31 2015

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Proper use and maintenance of tablet

Usually, we treat our gadgets as disposable toys, when it is broken; it is time to purchase a new one, which is not really practical and wise for those individuals who are trying to save money. Because we may like it or not, purchasing a particular gadget is not like buying on grocery, for tablets to lasts, the owners should know how to care for their gadget because even high-end windows tablet can easily be broken with improper use and care. For those, who want to start taking care of their gadgets, here are some tips they can follow:


•    Tablets should not be stored in direct sunlight for a long period of time and on places that can expose it to excessive heat over 140F.

•    We should maintain that are tablets are not exposed to water, dust, sand and other environmental hazards that could destroy its hardware

•    We should make a habit of placing the tablet inside a carrying case to prevent it from slipping from our hands or dropping

•    We should always keep it away from food and beverages because a small amount of food can attract insects from entering the circuits. Once they have entered the hardware, there is a great possibility that insects can easily ruin the software

•    We should prevent heavy and pointy objects from dropping in the tablet because it can cause the touch screen to crack. Once the touch screen is defective, we are going to have a hard time navigating the device

•    In charging or connecting our tablets in a connector, we should remember that they must be close to each other, to prevent anyone from tripping and to avoid the tablet from falling on a high surface

•    In placing the tablet on a flat surface, we should ensure that it is face upside down, to prevent the screen from being damaged


•    In cleaning our tablet, we should wipe the screen surface gently using a soft cotton cloth that is damped with denatured alcohol or with a mild soap. This should be done regularly after use, but we should remember that we should not use abrasive solvents. Abrasive solvents are strong disinfectants that could damage the screen of the tablet.

CAUTION: tablets are not water resistant; we should not pour or spray excessive liquid in the tablet.


•    We should turn off the tablet and quickly remove the battery.

•    We have to position the tablet at an angle where liquid can run out

•    If the computer does not boot after dried, we should bring it to repair centers

These tips can help all tablets users out there to prolong the life of their tablet. This will not only benefit them for a short time, but if they learned how to care for their gadgets, they will be so proud of themselves because they do not have to buy new set of gadget for several times. Prolong gadget life, means more saving for other stuff.

February 16 2015

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Windows Tablet to Watch for this 2015

Windows tablet welcomes 2015 with a bang; these handy devices will not disappear, not anytime soon. It has its popular demand because it can put the Web, games, and hundreds of thousands of apps in the palms of our hands to keep us entertained and make us productive. But because of its wide range of selection to choose from, consumers find it hard to find the right tablet for them. To make their search much easier, here are the lists of tablets to watch for this 2015 that could benefit all types of shopper:

·         Toshiba Encore 2- notepads will be replaced by something more high-tech, the Toshiba’s newest Windows 8 slate with 10 and 8 inch encore 2 write tablet. This device has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Its aluminum style is very comfortable in the hands and has a stylus clip that fits into a small slot on the slate.

·         Bush My Tablet 8- it is a potent quad core Atom processor with memory storage of 32GB and has a good quality 8-in IPS screen as one of the most affordable and competent budget-friendly Windows tablets.

·         Cinitq Companion 2- just like its predecessor, this new model has a double-handy pen display when working at home that is perfectly paired with either a Windows PC or Mac with the use of Wacom Connect app.

·         ASUS Transformer Book T100TA 10.1- this is a 64 GB windows 8.1 touch screen laptop tablet with a detachable keyboard. This tablet is a touch and type mobile device with an intuitive mouse and a keyboard, so the user can work and play the way they want. The best thing about it is its 11 hours of battery life, for an all day mobile use.

·         Microsoft Surface Pro 3- this windows tablet is built to handle even the most intensive tasks with its 12” Full HD plus screen and fully functional keyboard and kickstand. This tablet’s touch screen is bright with other features like its stereo speakers with Dolby audio and two 1080pixel cameras, which makes video conference or movie watching better than ever.

·         Acer Iconia W3 tablet- is powered by Bay Trial-Class Atom Z3740 with 2GB of DDR3 memory and available with 32GB or 64GB storage. With its new processor, the problems regarding these models have already been fixed. It has a longer battery life and the display is much brighter.


So, before purchasing a windows tablet, look for new models that would invade the digital market this year.  


January 20 2015


Android vs. Windows: Things to know about OS before buying a Tablet

Have you ever considered buying a tablet? Well if yes, you must have been thinking of what kind of tablet would be the best buy. There are so many tablets that are sold worldwide and each is different when it comes to the operating system. The Operating system or OS is the software used in a computer or tablet, and the software is the one that tells these devices how to operate.

 There are three known operating system; iOS, android and windows. The iOS is the operating system used by apple devices and both android and windows are the most common OS used by companies that produces tablets. It is important to know how they differ from each other before you buy any of the two, to make sure that you made a smart buy and to avoid any regret after purchasing.

Here are some things about those OS that might be of help:

• Who’s getting better? Windows- When this OS was first introduced in a Tablet, the result wasn’t so good, but they have redeemed their glory. They made it a point that they will modify this OS to something that will make tablet users love it even more; they added more features and it has been modified. Android- Similar to iOS, android keeps on improving and modifying its software. They modify their software almost every year and many tablet users were satisfied with every modification that has made, since it has improved the tablet’s performance and applications.

• Dual Purpose Windows- This OS type has gained its popularity since there are affordable windows tablet available in the market. Another is that there are tablets that can be used with an external keyboard which could also be used as a laptop. Android- Aside from having improved and modified the software for most years, there are android tablets that are customized with the TV enabling users to watch their favorite TV program without having to plug in their TV. To give you a brief idea and to make things clearer for you about both operating systems, here it goes:

• Android In a tablet which uses android as an operating system, you can be sure that there are many choices when it comes to the manufacturer for applications; you can be sure that with this system, you can experience fast and flawless browsing. It also has a feature that allows lots of logins that enables sharing of tablet with any of your relatives and friends.

• Windows This is a great choice for you if you want to experience traditional computing with your tablet. The good thing about this is that, there are lots of hardware add-ons such as keyboard, SD cards and more that you can install in many window tablet models.

January 06 2015

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Phablets: sharing the limelight with smart phones and tablets

 The popularity of smart phones and tablet for work and personal indulgence has made various manufacturers to further develop their products with the latest features and technologies that they can offer. From the sleek design of the operating systems and processors, truly, consumers could not ask for more.
But when it comes to great convenience, a product has paved its way to the market that when it was first introduced, a lot of controversies have arisen questioning its identity as a gadget - whether is it a phone or a tablet?

A phablet, the portmanteau of the phone tablet as some people know it, made its debut in 2011 with screen displays that measure between 5.3 to 6.9 inches diagonal that complements screen-intensive activity such as mobile web browsing and gaming. Some phablets includes software that is optimized for an integral self-storing stylus. It facilitates sketching, note-taking and annotation.

 With the flexibility of phablet use to many people, its popularity grew dramatically by 2012 along with its sudden falling cost and the increase in power efficiency that smart phones and tablets failed to display. The strict competition had embarked the world market among many leading manufacturers such as LG, HTC, Huawei, Samsung and Sony. That in the IHS report, 25.6 million phablets were sold in 2012 alone. But for some gadget experts, the idea of the phablet does not really begin in 2011.

It was first introduced in 1993 with AT&T EO 440 which is later followed by the later devices with the same concept but improved features.
• HTC advantage with 5.0 inch screen (2007)
• Nokia N810WiMAX Edition with 4.13 inches screen (2007)
• Verizon Hub with 7.0 inches screen (2009)
 • LG GW990 with 4.8 inches screen (2010)
• Dell Streak with 5.0 inches screen (2011)
 • Dell Streak with 7.0 inches screen (2011)
 • Acer Iconia Smart with 4.8 inches screen (2011)
 • Samsung Galaxy Player 5 with 5.0 inches screen (2011)
• Pantech pocket (2011)
• Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3 inches screen (2011)
• HTC Droid DNA (2012)
• Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (2013)

Undoubtedly, with the continuous efforts and developments of this phablets to cater the technological needs of many consumers in terms of common activities such as web browsing, text messaging chats and calls; no wonder that people can still anticipate for more latest of the latest features.

 However, in choosing the right phablet for own convenience, the first thing that should be considered is the overall performance of the gadget to maximize the budget.

December 02 2014

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The Effects of Using Tablets in Toddlers

 If you are an adult with both a tablet and a child, have you observed your child taking control of the tablet? If you have, does it worry you? No; right? Since the tablets are launched, it has been highly used by preschool and kids on their early learning years. Teachers of these wonderful students believe that the tablet is the future. It enhances the child’s learning massively; they also believe that tablets do not change any of their traditional teaching methods and those tablets are just another toy in the box.

That is why parents are buying tablets for homes use. With all the fast cheap windows tablet already out in the market, it will never be a problem to buy one. Because it can benefit both the parent and the child, like it can help your child learn more about the world around us. The tablets’ touch screen technology keeps them interested while developing hand and eye coordination. It keeps your kid occupied for a long period of time and never loses the chance to discover new things with its kid-friendly apps.

 It is also a good bonding time for both of you and it is very light that your child has no trouble in bringing it from one place to another. But let us always remember that too much is always bad. Over engagement to these devices can sometimes be disturbing. Because despite all the educational values found in a tablet, there will still be a risk on misusing this device. So it is best to monitor your child when he uses his tablet.

The glowing light from the screen is bad for the eye sight; sometimes too much tablet usage can lead to depression, poor social skills, disengagement and can damage a child’s ability to empathize. There are also countless YouTube videos, like the toddler trying to swipe the front cover of a magazine and the three year old girl whose first words are not “Mum” or “Dad” but “iPad”.

Do not question yourself if you let your child use tablets, because even experts are just starting their research on the dangers that tablets can cause. We still know little about what is going on in a child’s head while they are using the tablet. Until they know more, parents can follow their parenting instincts.

 Being worried about the child is normal for parents, especially when it is about using gadgets, some parents were raised without any of these devices, and some are being scolded because of over reading. Our lesson is to be open to modernization; we cannot apply the old ways with the new generation.
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